Roles and Duties of Trustees

As members of their school board, trustees collectively carry out many important duties. These include:

  • Electing a board chair
  • Establishing the board’s mission, vision, and value statements
  • Maintaining a focus on student achievement and well-being
  • Developing and evaluating policies that are operationalized by the director
  • Allocating resources by approving the annual board budget
  • Managing board facilities by setting policies and approving capital plans
  • Ensuring support services are provided
  • Communicating with stakeholders and establishing processes for community input
  • Adhering to policies that address the hiring, transfer, promotion and termination of all board staff
  • Ensuring staff are well supported by setting policies about health and safety, accessibility, etc.
  • Ensuring there are mechanisms in place to recognize students, staff, community members and volunteers
  • Providing advice to the ministry and provincial trustee associations regarding regional and local implications for new policy recommendations
  • Advocating on behalf of and communicating with board communities
  • Striking and maintaining committees as required by legislation/regulation, or as needed locally
  • Filling vacancies on the board

Two of the most important responsibilities that boards of trustees have are:

  • The development and monitoring of the multi-year strategic plan (MYSP)
  • The hiring and performance appraisal of the director of education

What does this mean for Catholic families in York Region?

The 鶹ӳ has established policies and procedures to ensure that parents will have their specific questions answered and/or concerns addressed. Trustees are always willing to listen to parental concerns, especially those pertaining to Board policy. Trustees will refer parents to the following protocol with respect to individual school-based concerns:

  • Your classroom teacher and/or school principal is the first point of contact for any questions or concerns you may have;
  • Should you need further assistance, your Area Superintendent of Education is available to assist you;
  • In the event of any outstanding question and/or concern, please contact the Associate Director;
  • The Director of Education is always available for consultation and assistance with unresolved issues.