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YSCPC Council Members

President: Dabria Peta-Dragos

Student Leadership

Hello everyone! My name is Dabria Peta-Dragos (she/her) and I am honored and privileged to be your YSCPC President this year!

I am a grade 11 student in the French Immersion and Advanced Placement Programs at St. Maximilian Kolbe CHS Aurora, where I hold the role of Vice President in the Student Council and I am involved in the Mental Health, Best Buddies, Chaplaincy, Peer Tutoring and Menstrual Hygiene Committee. As a swim instructor and lifeguard, I love teaching children life skills and healthy life habits, and in my spare time, I enjoy playing beach volleyball, surfing and dancing. Passionate about helping others, I volunteer in my community to help children, seniors and people in need.

In my capacity as the 2022/23 YSCPC Director of Community Relations, I have had the privilege to work closely with many talented students and student leaders, and I continue to be inspired by your resilience and passion to make a difference in our school community! Please feel free to come talk to me, share your creative ideas, voice your opinions or to simply say hello 🙂

1st Vice-President: Sabrina Scarano

Student Leadership

Hello everyone! My name is Sabrina Scarano (she/her) and I am beyond excited to be this years 1st Vice President of YSCPC!

I am a grade 11 student at Saint Joan of Arc CHS. I am so thrilled to return back to this amazing team of profound student leaders. I truly am looking forward to this school year, working  with all of you and ensuring your voices are heard! Aside from school, I enjoy to read, spend time with loved ones, and I enjoy working as a swim instructor. I am also very passionate about volunteering my time to help others in my own community. At Saint Joan of Arc, I am part of various clubs and councils, such as Student Council.

I have a deep passion for being a student leader, while making a great effort in bettering and strengthening the SJA community, alongside others who have the same goal in mind! I am honoured to be part of this incredible team and I am looking forward to all the amazing things we have coming your way 🙂

2nd Vice-President: Erika Cordeiro

Student Leadership

Hey everyone! I’m Erika Cordeiro (She/Her) and I am so honoured to be this year’s YSCPC 2nd VP!!

I am a grade 12 at St. Elizabeth CHS where I am the President of Media Council, an active member of the debate team, Spectrum, and many more invitatives/councils! Last year I was chosen to be apart of the board’s Truth and Reconciliation initiative and had the opportunity to go to Saskatchewan with many amazing student leaders who I now work with to foster an equitable space within our board that prioritizes sharing the truth so that we can reach reconciliation. I am very passionate about human rights, law, and politics. Some of my hobbies include baking, cycling, and being apart of amazing groups like the YSCPC!

I can not wait to kick off this amazing year with all the events we have planned and to hear everyone’s ideas! If you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas, feel free to message/email me and I’ll be sure to respond!

Director of Communications: Chiara Naccarato

Student Leadership

Hello everyone! My name is Chiara Naccarato (she/her) and I am delighted to be your Director of Communications this year.

I am a grade 12 French Immersion student at Father Bressani CHS and a Justice, Community Involvement and Emergency services Specialist High Skills Major student through the board. It is an honour to work with such outstanding student leaders who dedicate themselves to creating positive change in the York Catholic community. Outside of school, I am an employee in a local health and wellness clinic, and I enjoy personal fitness and health. At Father Bressani, I am the President of Student Council and participate in various other clubs such as being the Vice-President of the Best Buddies Council and being an active member of the Mock Trial team.

I cannot wait to share my love for helping the community with you all! I’ll be running all YSCPC socials this year so please don’t hesitate to reach out. I love and appreciate all of you!

Director of Community Relations: Thivya Jeyapalan

Student Leadership

Hello everyone, my name is Thivya Jeyapalan and I’m a Grade 11 IBY1 student at Father Michael McGivney Catholic Academy.

The community we have at the Â鶹ӳ»­ is something I truly value and is the result of the hard work of many student and staff leaders across the board. Through my role as the Director of Community Relations, I hope to create more opportunities for connection between Â鶹ӳ»­ students, both to each other and to our general community.

Outside of the YSCPC, my interests lie in the intersection of music, entrepreneurship, and mental health, more specifically on the accessibility of music therapy in promoting well-being.

Indigenous Student Representative: Noah McLeod

Student Leadership

Hello my name is Noah McLeod, I am a senior student who attends St. Maximilian Kolbe Catholic High School.

My Executive role in the York Secondary Catholic Presidents’ Council is Sr. Indigenous Student Representative.

My role is to represent and set ideas to improve the ways of Indigenous education to non-Indigenous students, that way Indigenous culture can really be interesting to students in our board for the future.

Treasurer: Joseph Maasarani

Student Leadership

Hey everyone, my name is Joseph Maasarani, and I am excited to serve you all as your YSCPC Treasurer.

I am currently a grade 12 AP student at Sacred Heart CHS. This year, I plan on bringing fun new initiatives and events to our schools. I am also dedicated to having your voices showcased during our meetings and retreats. I’m excited to work alongside my fellow council members to achieve our shared goals and contribute to the continued growth and success of Â鶹ӳ»­. Outside of school, I work as a tutor at Mathnasium, where I teach kids everything from times tables to advanced algebra. My passion lies in helping people realize their great potential.

Through hard work and commitment, I believe we can make a lasting impact on our community and beyond. I am looking forward to seeing all the amazing things this council does!

Secretary: Sabina Kim

Student Leadership

Hello everyone! My name is Sabina Kim (she/her) and I am a Grade 11 AP student at Sacred Heart CHS! I am honoured to be this years Secretary on YSCPC and I am beyond excited for a year filled with eventful meetings and new friendships!

YSCPC has quickly become a second home to me and I would love to create an environment this year for everyone to experience the same welcoming community. At Sacred Heart, I am currently the Vice President of Student Council and Music Council.

I love to be involved in leading school wide activities and interacting with various students with unique interests. Outside of school, I love to dance, learn to play new instruments, bake and listen to Krnb!

Sr. Student Trustee: Jonah James

Student Leadership

What’s up everyone! My name is Jonah James (He/Him) and I am so excited to to be serving as your Senior Student Trustee!

I’m currently a Grade 12 student at Sacred Heart CHS in Newmarket. After serving as your junior Student Trustee last year, I’m so incredibly honoured to be taking on the role of Senior Student Trustee, and to continue to representing student voice at the board table, alongside Monica and Amira. I’ve always been so incredibly inspired by the amazing work and leadership demonstrated by the student of the Â鶹ӳ»­, and the impactful discussions created here at YSCPC.

YSCPC is truly like second home to me, and I look forward to the amazing opportunities and impactful work that we will accomplish this year. If you any questions, or would like to speak about anything, please feel free to reach out!

Sr. Student Trustee: Amira Zamanifar

Student Leadership

Hey all! My name is Amira Zamanifar (She/Her) and I can not wait for the year ahead!

I am a grade 12 student at St. Maximilian Kolbe CHS in Aurora and am a Sr. Student Trustee this year. I am so excited to support and work with you all on the YSCPC. I have always enjoyed attending meetings and seeing the great, impactful and hard work you all put in to make the Â鶹ӳ»­ a better place for students. I love that in my role I am not only able to advocate for students’ needs, but I get to do so by connecting with all you exceptional leaders!

I know we will accomplish great things as a team this year and I hope you all know you can reach out to me with anything you may need. Whether it is support, answers to questions or a simple chat, I am always here for each and every one of you.

Jr. Student Trustee: Monica Galstyan

Student Leadership

Hey there! I’m Monica Galstyan (she/her), a grade 11 student at Our Lady Queen of the World CA, taking on the role of your Junior Student Trustee!

I am incredibly honoured when I say that I represent each of your voices at the board table and advocate for your needs! I am continually humbled by the perseverance, passion, and talents of the student leaders I work with every day, and I hope that I can learn a new attribute from each and every one of you through the 23-24 school year.

In my role, it is imperative that I connect with my peers across the board, which is simply an excuse for me to meet the wonderful individuals who support the growth of our schools every day! In this effort, please feel free to reach out with any questions, initiatives, or just for a chat!


Photo credit for all headshots above: Marios Stathakopoulos