Report It

Non-Emergency Student Report for 鶹ӳ

At York Catholic, we believe that everyone has the right to feel safe.

This ‘Report It’ webpage will allow students to make a non-emergency report to their school principal of inappropriate student behaviour which can include:

  • , Harassment or Violent Incident
  • Drug Use
  • Vandalism

Students requiring immediate help or support should speak with a parent or an adult they trust or contact or 911.

If the incident being reported involves school staff, it should be communicated directly to the school principal or Superintendent. Any reports regarding staff will not be accepted on this webpage. Criminal activity may be reported to .

Students: Before filing an online report, you always have the choice to talk to your parents, other adult family members, or trusted school staff such as a principal or teacher, first.

We all have a role to play to help keep our schools safe, caring and welcoming for all.

Please read carefully before submitting a report

You may need your parents or trusted adult to read this information with you before you file a report.

  • Adults in the school and community have an obligation to report events directly to the Principal.
  • If an incident is an emergency, involves violence or threat of harm, please call 911 immediately or contact your local police.
  • For students under the age of 16, if child abuse is suspected, school staff is required by law to notify the Catholic Children’s Aid Society.
  • Reports should contain specific details of an incident in order to verify the information provided and for action to be taken. The Principal and Vice Principal must be able to investigate by speaking with witnesses – which may include the individual making the report – to verify the information provided. If a report does not contain enough information to help school staff investigate, no action can be or will be taken.
  • The Principal or Vice Principal will respond as soon as possible to reports that can be verified based on the initial information provided.
  • School property, i.e., lockers and desks, may be searched by the school principal. Notice and/or permission of a student is not required. The Principal may also invite and allow the police to conduct similar searches.
  • All reports filed must be truthful. Upon investigation, students submitting reports that knowingly make false accusations, statements or allegations, will be subject to discipline. If warranted, information may also be passed along to authorities for investigation.
  • All personal information submitted in the reports is collected pursuant to the Education Act, as amended, and the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and will be used strictly for the purpose of investigating reported incidents.
  • Reports will not be stored in an Ontario Student Record (OSR) but will be confidentially maintained by the school principal for a minimum of 12 months from last use.
  • Adults wishing to make a report must do so directly to the school principal or vice principal.
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