Student Services / Special Education

We recognize that the patterns and rhythms of learning are unique in every student. Our goal is to ensure that a lot of our students are provided with the most enabling learning environment possible.

With this in mind, we endorse the integration of all learners into environments in which their academic, physical, spiritual, social and emotional needs are met, with appropriate support, in a classroom of age-appropriate peers within the local school.

Highlights from the 2018 鶹ӳ Survey for Students with a Learning Disability

In a joint initiative with the , 鶹ӳ’s Student Services Department conducted an anonymous survey of students with a Learning Disability in Grades 4 to 12 in the spring of 2018. The survey explored how students perceive and understand their learning profile, the accommodations that are necessary for their optimal success and the barriers which they believe affect their learning. This survey is part of a larger initiative within 鶹ӳ that aims to raise awareness of Learning Disabilities in order to facilitate better supports for our students.

View the results of the Learning Disabilities survey: