Health and Physical Education

On February 23, 2015, the Ministry of Education released its new curriculum for Health and Physical Education. The revised curriculum contains new material related to important issues such as healthy relationships, consent, mental health, and online safety, and is more inclusive of Ontario’s diverse population. It promotes the healthy development – physical, social, emotional, and cognitive — of all students, and builds the skills and knowledge to lead and promote healthy, active lives now and in the future. Schools and parents play critical and complementary roles in supporting all student learning, including learning about human development and sexual health. This revised Health and Physical Education curriculum will be delivered in all classrooms across the province commencing September 2015.

The Catholic education community of Ontario is currently working together to produce resources that support our Catholic teachers and ensure that the curriculum delivered in our classrooms is consistent with our Catholic teachings, and appropriate within the context of a Catholic classroom. The Institute for Catholic Education, our partner in education, will coordinate this work. As a Catholic school community, we are committed to offering a holistic curriculum that is shaped by a Catholic world-view, and is faithful to the tradition and teachings of the Church.

As we receive additional information and resources regarding the revised curriculum, we will post this information to this section of our website.