Is eLearning right for you?

computer monitor with graduation cap and diploma on itFor some students, eLearning is engaging and motivational. These students are successful because the eLearning format suits their preferred learning style and offers many challenges and rewards.

However, our fully asynchronous eLearning program may not be for everyone.

Top Traits of Many Successful eLearners

There is no “ideal” candidate for eLearning courses, or any course for that matter; however, students with strong learning skills are more likely to succeed in an eLearning course. These can include a student’s ability to:

  • work well independently
  • navigate the internet comfortably
  • organize and manage their time well

Students are more likely to succeed in an eLearning course if they are:

  • responsible (i.e. able to manage time effectively)
  • comfortable with reading and writing independently
  • an effective communicator and creative problem solver
  • interested in the subject area they are studying

In addition, students are more likely to succeed in an eLearning course if they have a history of:

  • submitting coursework before or on assigned due dates;
  • completing homework independently and consistently; and
  • taking initiative (i.e. asking for help before small issues become big issues).

And finally, before applying for an eLearning course, a student should assess their ability to:

  • set and stay focused on goals;
  • break-up large tasks into their component parts; and,
  • create a schedule to complete tasks and adhere to the timelines.

In the past, students who have inconsistent attendance or have been unsuccessful in multiple courses during regular day-school, are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the programs and supports available at their home school (e.g., alternative education, credit recovery, tutorial, peer mentorship programs, etc.) to develop the strategies and skills needed to succeed in a fully asynchronous learning environment, before registering for an eLearn course.