Distribution of Materials

The 鶹ӳ recognizes its role as a community partner in York Region. As such, the Board is committed to working with external organizations, and community groups to help support community-related activities, events, and opportunities which are of benefit to our students, staff, schools, and school communities. We may assist government, non-profit, and not-for-profit organizations promote such activities, events, and opportunities through our Distribution of Materials procedure.

This procedure allows for the distribution of materials (brochures, flyers, etc.) from third party organizations to be distributed to our staff or students, provided the request meets the criteria in our Independent Procedure: Procedure for Outside Organizations, Groups or Individuals Wishing to Distribute Material or to Make Public Presentations in Our Schools.

During the school year, organizations should allow at least 20 business days for a decision to be made, from the time a completed request has been submitted. Following up on requests prior to the expiration of the 20 business day timeline, may cause delays to the processing of all requests.

Please note: pre-approval may be granted by the Board for distribution to:

  • select school staff
  • elementary school students (to take home)
  • high school guidance offices (for display)

During busy times (before the start of a new school year, before Christmas break, before March break, and before the end of the school year), additional time may be needed. Materials will not be approved for distributions during the first three weeks of a new school year.

At York Catholic we recognize that school principals know their school communities best, and although permission may be granted at the Board-level to distribute your material, the school principal has the authority to make any final decisions regarding the distribution of your material.

If you meet the above criteria, and would like to submit your material for pre-approval by the Board, please fill out the below form. If you have any questions, please e-mail: Communications@ycdsb.ca.

Please note: Due to COVID-19, schools will not be accepting hard copy flyers/posters. If your distribution request is approved by the Board and school, please note guest speakers may be able to speak with schools through a virtual meeting, and any flyers/posters will be distributed virtually.