Newcomer Reception Centre

A Centre for Reception, Assessment and Placement of all Newcomer Secondary Students

Assessments are being conducted at the CEC. Please contact us for an appointment.

905-713-1211 ext. 12433 or 416-221-5050 ext. 12433 or

About our Secondary Newcomer Reception Centre

We are located on the main floor of the Catholic Education Centre at . We welcome Newcomer families and assess students for the purpose of placement in high school.

Our Goal

  • Welcome the students and family in a safe, caring and faith-filled environment, provide a smooth transition for students into our schools, and lessen the anxiety level of those new or returning to Canada.
  • Provide effective reception, assessment and placement of Newcomer students at the secondary level.
  • Support schools in the placement and monitoring of students.

Our Services

  • Family/student orientation to the Ontario education system and to York Catholic schools
  • Review of student’s documentation
  • English and Mathematics assessment
  • Recommendation for school & program placement
  • Recommendation for equivalent high school credits
  • Referral to additional programs and services, if required (e.g. Multilingual Services, Settlement Services, Adult & Continuing Education, etc.)
  • Placement follow-up

Who Should be Referred to the Reception Centre

Students who may need support in becoming proficient in English. This includes:

  • Students entering Canada for the first time or re-entering.
  • Students who recently arrived in Canada within the last 3 years, but are originally from a country whose primary language is one other than English.
  • Students from French language schools in Canada.